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Forest Moon Theater’s Energetic Cast for The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson Creates Some Delightful Comic Characters

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"Ashley Rebecca Jones gives us a Teresa who is the least understood of the three sisters, and she feels responsible for the whole family. Jones successfully plays the woman for us to sympathize with. We feel her pain."

~Martha Keravuori & Chuck Galle, Triangle Arts and Entertainment

Three Sisters Fight, Fret, and Forgive in Forest Moon Theater's The Memory of Water

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"The script [...] gives the character [of Teresa] an extended, inebriated rant in the second act, which allowed Jones to show her true mettle as a comedian."

~Roy C. Dicks, Classical Voice of North Carolina (CVNC)

California Suite

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"And Jones was perfect in her timing, making sure that her cheatin' husband felt every second of agony as he waited for her decision. Of the four, this vignette was by far the best, with excellent portrayals all around and finely tuned pacing."

~Alan R. Hall, Classical Voice of North Carolina (CVNC)

Suspenseful and Intimate, NLT's "Wait Until Dark" is a Hit

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"Most impressive though is Jones. With her piercing blue eyes, she’s a natural choice to play Susy, and she really aces the portrayal of a blind woman. Always focusing in the distance yet still managing to keep her character’s (mostly) calm and collected demeanor true-to-life, Jones really does a stellar job mastering this tough role."

~Susie Potter, Triangle Arts and Entertainment


Dear Santa

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"The play takes place on two sets, Santa's office and the workshop, and in front of a curtain covered with enormous snowflakes and twinkle lights. The front-of-the-curtain moments are a delightful set of mimed encounters between three male and three female helpers. The girls offer the boys cookies, the boys create havoc with a decorated tree, and the whole bunch gets caught up in popcorn strings and Christmas tree lights, to name just a few of the scenarios. The players, [including] interns Bridget Fitzgerald, Ashley Jones, [...] Christopher Neil Kuty, Jason Paradine and LeAnna Wilson carry off the moments with such aplomb that the audience anticipation grew with each blackout."

~Kitty Turner, Blue Ridge Times-News

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